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Choose Vegan Makeup – Stop Cruelty


Animal lovers around the world have protested against animal cruelty in the name of experimentation. Yet, companies still exist that persistently use animals for testing purposes or animal ingredients in their composition. Household products and even cosmetics are often derived after many cruel testing on animals to make it suitable for human consumption. Makeup and skincare products are regularly used to test on poor animal creatures.

Cruelty in Numbers

A cosmetic company has to ensure that their product does not lead to any side effects and reactions on their customer's skin or health. To achieve this certainty, the products are almost always tested on animals. Data statistics have unveiled the fact that around 500,000 rats, mice, guinea pigs or rabbits are being used for such tests every year! Almost every one of them ends up giving up their life after painful experiments that have been conducted on them. Under all the savvy packaging and friendly advertisement, the truth behind is harsher than expected.

Help Stop the Cruelty

Fortunately, you can help these defenseless creatures by making the right choice. It's easier than you think. You can contribute by shunning the products that employ unethical means. Look for certified cruelty free vegan products. There are many companies that are Certified Vegan and Cruelty Free by CCF and PETA. They endorse natural vegan makeup that in no way harms animals. They also guarantee good quality products tested on man-made synthetic tools that are accurate in ensuring safety. You can promote the vegan makeup companies by using their products. 

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