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Doba, Salehoo and Worldwide Brands

Although there are already a lot of detailed Worldwide Brands reviews around the Internet, in this post I want to compare WWB to it's main competitors – Salehoo and Doba.

Worldwide Brands is the largest directory of verified wholesalers and drop shippers in the world, but it's also the most expensive at $249 for lifetime access.  There are more than 16 million products listed inside from about 8,000 suppliers based around the world – but mostly in the USA and China.

Salehoo is about the closest competitor – it's another directory that works in exactly the same way, apart from there are fewer products (about 2.5 million) and you have to pay an annual membership fee of $67.  Salehoo initially starts off cheaper, but after a few years the annual fees add up to more than the lifetime membership option for Worldwide Brands.

Doba is not a directory and it only offers drop shipped goods – there is no option to buy anything in bulk.  However, it's probably the easiest to use, if you're running a pure play drop shipping store.  With Doba there's no need to contact any suppliers, simply place an order and have it send directly to your customer – as long as they live in the United States.  Membership to Doba costs at least $29 a month.

In the long term Worldwide Brands still probably offers the best value for money – it has more products than anywhere else and is the most versatile.  However, the alternatives to Worldwide Brands are still worth considering if you have a low budget or simply want an easy drop shipping solution.

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