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Luxury Business Card Finishes and Styles

Laminated Cards

Matt and gloss laminated business cards are highly desirable and offered by almost all printing manufacturing companies. Matt laminate has a propensity to dull colors down and has a subdued and classy appearance. If you want more information on unique business cards you can head to https://www.puremetalcards.com/.

Luxury Business Card Finishes and Styles

Matt lamination may also be prone to revealing fingerprints, scuffs, and scratches, predominantly on black and darker colors. Gloss lamination punches colors up, which makes them show more vibrant. The shiny finish has a more glamorous look and will shout,"Hey! Have a look at me!" Another choice, which isn't quite as common, is tender touch lamination (also called velvet lamination).

Position UV Gloss Varnish Cards

If you decide to pick a matt laminated business card, then it opens the door to the potential for spot glosses highlights. This technique involves adding regions of clear gloss varnish into the company card. The inclusion of gloss varnish on top of a matt laminated business card produces a remarkable contrast; this impact will help your business card stand out from the crowd of normal matt laminated cards. Position gloss varnish can be implemented in two ways; blind and registered.

Foil Blocked Cards

The effect and impression of transparency blocked business cards undoubtedly create the very same results: Dispersing brand credibility and strength. Foil blocking requires using metal dies, heat and pressure to employ foils to business cards.

Metallic foils are the most favored, especially gold and silver, mainly because they produce a finish that's hard to obtain by using traditional printing production procedures. Gloss, matt and various special effect foils are also utilized. 

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