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Pets Can Destroy Your Mulberry Silk Sheets

Many of us know the joy of owning a cat or dog. They can be spoiled and pampered and we do it voluntarily most of the time! However, sometimes owning pets is not a joy. For example, if you have spoiled them to sleeping on the bed with you, it can become annoying.

Not only can pets sleeping with you becoming annoying, it can also become expensive if you use sheets and coverlets made from fabrics like fine mulberry silk. This silk is quite expensive and a dog or cat can absolutely ruin them!

Silk is a fine material, even though mulberry silk is very durable, it might not hold up well if you allow your pets to scratch it up and root around on it. You absolutely must have their nails clipped to prevent them from making picked up places in the fabric. This is especially true with cats because of the way they like to knead with their paws on fabric surfaces.

If you leave home during the day and want to keep your pets off of your fine mulberry silk bedding, close the door to your room or cover the bed in an old cover. You can find more about your mulberry silk sheets at BedSpace. You may love your pets, but when you buy silk, you have to love it too or you won't be using it very long.

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