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Who Wins In Egyptian Cotton vs Bamboo Cotton Sheets

Buying sheets for your bed can get confusing. Between the different types of fabrics, thread counts, and countries of origin, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and not know whether what you’re getting is quality or not. There are a few tips that you can use to figure that out, though.

First, Egyptian cotton sheets are known to be the highest quality cotton sheets that you can get, if not the highest quality of all types of sheets. But, the country of origin means nothing! Low quality cotton can be grown in Egypt and used to make sheets and the sheets are still legally allowed to be called “Egyptian cotton”, even if they only contain 5% cotton from Egypt. Amazing, isn’t it?

When you’re dealing with synthetic sheets like bamboo, you need to understand that there are different types of synthetic fabrics. Even though bamboo sheets are made from bamboo, they’re actually made from synthetic rayon which is made from bamboo plant fibers that have been chemically treated and processed. They’re not a fabric that is made from a natural fiber like the Egyptian cotton that we mentioned above is.

Next, there are different types of bamboo fabric. You can get sheets made from 100% bamboo viscose, 100% bamboo lyocell, bamboo blended with cotton, or bamboo linen. Of these, it’s the bamboo lyocell that is the highest quality and the most expensive.

When you’re talking about which type of fabric is the best when comparing Egyptian cotton and bamboo, it depends on which type of bamboo and which type of Egyptian cotton sheets you’re talking about. The closest competitor to Egyptian cotton sheets with bamboo would be the bamboo lyocell.

In terms of cost, Egyptian cotton sheets that are made of ELS cotton are going to cost significantly more than the best bamboo sheets that you can buy. Bamboo sheets cost less. They will breathe better and get softer with each wash, but bamboo sheets will have more anti-bacterial properties and they are also hypo-allergenic.

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