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Why You May Need a Vitamin D Supplement?

If it comes to child vitamins, there is a fine line between supplementing and actually harming babies. Obviously, kids need vitamins to stay healthy and develop strong bones and teeth, but providing kid vitamins for health and developmental reasons indeed, for any reason is a call just your physician should make.

Does Baby Need Extra antioxidants?

With the exclusion of preemies, the vast majority of breastfed babies are already receiving all the vitamins that they need to grow strong and healthy. At age two months, additional supplementation of Vitamin D is usually prescribed.

Babies born prematurely and infants born with a low birth weight should receive nutritional supplements according to a doctor's instructions. Any time you have a concern regarding your baby's health, it's time to consult your doctor.

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Based on your infant's background, birth weight, current , eight and other factors, your physician can determine whether a supplement is necessary and decide which vitamins are required. As a baby grows, your doctor may suggest extra vitamins.

If you are breastfeeding, your physician may recommend you take a multivitamin to ensure that your baby is getting all the required vitamins through your milk.

Taking vitamins during pregnancy helps to ensure a healthy birth weight and reduces the risk of infant mortality, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Vitamins necessary for proper fetal development include folic acid, calcium and iron.

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